We actively seek out and hire the best global talent. We look for team players who can form enduring partnerships. We only promote outstanding individuals who share our values.  We are the sum of our hugely talented and energised team. 

Name Job title Office
Adrian Mitri Senior Director - Value Add London
Alec Kingham Principal London
Aljosha Ellmer Senior Vice President Stockholm
Amit Tiwari Managing Director London
Andrea Solis Associate London
Anne Postulka Associate Munich
Antonia Heng Associate Shanghai
Ben Johnson Partner London
Charles Hardwick Managing Director London
Chris Bulger General Counsel London
Chris Kwok Associate London
Christopher Chalk Managing Director London
Daniel Wolf Senior Associate London
David Derndorfer Senior Associate Munich
David Nahama Senior Partner London
Duncan Reek Principal London
Elena Kostova Vice President London
Emily Batibay Managing Director - Investor Relations London
Erik Lunning Senior Associate Stockholm
Fabian Wasmus Partner Munich
Fernando Cassinello Bachiller Vice President Madrid
Fransiska Aspegrén Associate London
Freddie Lebus Principal London
Gaël Sausy Head of Luxembourg Operations Luxembourg
Gary Chen Vice President Shanghai
Gemma Timmons Associate London
George Jiao Principal Shanghai
Ian Riley Advisor London
Imogen Flynn Associate London
Jack Alcock Managing Director London
James Roper Associate London
James Sanderson Partner and CFO London
Jan Haase Principal Munich
Jasper Koid Senior Vice President London
Johan Eriksson Associate Stockholm
Johann Napp Senior Vice President London
Joseph O’Mara Partner London
Jussi Wuoristo Partner London
Kate McCaw Vice President London
Kerstin Remer Vice President London
Liselotte Cornelissen Vice President London
Lucy Sun Associate London
Ludwig Scherm Senior Vice President Munich
Luuk Remmen Partner London
Matt Gupta Vice President London
Maximilian Abt Principal Munich
Melchior Dreesmann Vice President London
Mike Risman Managing Partner London
Nadia Preston Senior Director - Investor Relations London
Neil Shah Senior Vice President London
Niclas Lindlöf Principal Stockholm
Nicolas Macquin Managing Director London
Oscar Severin Partner Stockholm
Peter Read Cortex Partner London
Petter Roald Principal London
Radhica Kaushal Vice President London
Richard Chen Cortex Partner Shanghai
Richard Hudson Senior Director - Value Add London
Ruben Pauwels Associate London
Sergiusz Nowak Associate London
Sophie Bower-Straziota Partner London
Stephen Byrne Partner London
Stephen Huang Associate London
Thomas Studd Partner London
Tomas Meerits Managing Director Stockholm
Tomer Yosef-Or Partner
Torsten Winkler Partner London
Yuan Xia Principal Shanghai