Vitruvian Partners is an international investment firm that supports the most ambitious and talented entrepreneurs and high growth companies to achieve their goals. We invest in high growth, dynamic situation buyouts and growth capital investments. From our 9 offices around the world, we back exceptional entrepreneurs and management teams in companies creating sustainable high growth and strategic value.


We invest between €40m-€600m+ in companies typically valued between €75m-€4bn+.



Company Value




Company Value


Investment types

We are flexible and innovative in how we invest, creating transaction structures that meet the objectives of entrepreneurs, vendors and managers. This encompasses both majority, minority investments and investments in public companies.

Growth Buyouts

We invest alongside existing management teams in established and growing businesses, often financed by a combination of equity and debt.

Growth Capital

We invest primary and/or secondary capital in rapidly growing companies to support and accelerate growth.


Investments in public companies and public-to-private transactions.

Value Add

We are committed to supporting our investment companies in achieving their highest ambitions. A world class team of senior executives with deep operational functional expertise is available on demand to help management teams navigate through rapid growth.

Geographic Expansion

Where requested, we support rapid geographical expansion, drawing on the individual country specific experience and the deep long-term networks of our trusted advisors and our value add team.

Operational Effectiveness

Rapid growth can create operational challenges. We support, on request, improvements across functions – S&M, tech, ops, people, finance, data, and ERM. We also bring together C-suite executives to share best practices.


We help our portfolio companies identify potential acquisition targets.rn
We then provide support throughout the process, from deal execution through to operational integration.rn

Principles of Partnership

At the heart of our business are our business partners: the entrepreneurs and management teams we back; the investors in our funds; the advisers and intermediaries we work with and the banks and other lending institutions. We are fully committed to responsible investing and are a committed signatory of the PRI.

Highly Ambitious

We only work with strong, entrepreneurial management teams. We take an active and supportive, partnership-led approach. We strive to build world-class businesses to generate superior returns for our investors.

No Bureaucracy

We are a relatively small, focussed team of investors and experienced operators. The entrepreneurs we back deal directly with decision makers. They are not required to endure pointless bureaucracy.

True Partnership

Our investments are founded on partnerships. We make decisions through consensus in an open and transparent manner.

Strong Alignment

Our interests are aligned with our investors and those we back. We invest a significant portion of our own personal capital alongside our funds.


Vitruvian Partners was founded in 2006 by a team of experienced investment professionals.

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